Don’t lose your head over those Munchkins

Here’s a Halloween-themed spot for Dunkin’ Donuts. Some guy goes to a Halloween party as the headless horseman, and his lack of a head keeps him from enjoying any Dunkin’ Munchkins. My old office on Boylston Street in Boston was right near Edgar Allen Poe’s birthplace, which looks out onto a Colonial-era cemetery with lots of cracked, weathered gravestones. That view may have inspired his morbid stories. It sure made me feel depressed. Hill, Holliday is threatening to run the “Headless” spot through Nov. 11. The joke might seem a tad stale by then, but hopefully the Munchkins will remain fresh. Poe didn’t write “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” That was Washington Irving. But I never worked anywhere near where he was born. My point is: Dunkin’ has good coffee.

—Posted by David Gianatasio