Don’t bite Trump. Trump bites back.

Donald_trumpDonald Trump is a man who really knows how to rub salt on an open wound. As the New York Post reported yesterday, The Donald took great exception to some comments Martha Stewart made recently about The Apprentice. She claims to have been under the impression that when her version of the show debuted, her first task would be to fire Trump and take sole possession of the franchise. The obvious question is: Martha, what fantasy-inducing drug have you been taking to a make you believe such a thing? Donald’s response was much nastier. Let’s face it, he can be a mean guy when he wants to be. He doesn’t write thank-you letters to people he fires. But he did write a letter to Martha, published by the Post, in which he says Martha made up the bit about her thinking she’d get to fire him. “Essentially you made this firing up just as you made up your sell order of ImClone,” he writes. He ends the letter with a threat: “Be careful,” he warns Stewart, or he just might launch a daytime program and really show her who’s boss. Or maybe he’d do one in late night, called The Bigger Idea with Donald Trump.

—Posted by Steve McClellan

Photo: NewsCom