Don’t be ‘that guy,’ U.S. tells servicemen

My favorite headline of the day, courtesy of “Lindsay Lohan: I haven’t had a drink in a week.” In that spirit of restraint, have a look at That Guy, a new campaign by the U.S. Department of Defense designed to curb binge drinking by young servicemen. Alcohol abuse is evidently a major problem in the military. But as Make the Logo Bigger points out, this campaign comes off as whimsical, which would seem to reinforce the notion that drinking too much is really no big deal. Another recent anti-binge-drinking effort, After Too Many, included a poster that read, “My beer told me to puke on my girlfriend.” In this campaign, we see a guy actually puking while hitting on a girl at a bar—its one true stab at delivering a sobering message. Copy reads, “The buzz is temporary. The humiliation is forever. Don’t be that guy.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd