Domino’s shovels pizza into the unbelievers

Domino's has posted the second installment of its series touting its supposedly better pizza. The first video shows customers telling Domino's it had a shitty product. Now, Domino's head chefs show up at its critics' doors with the new stuff. I know this is a reality-TV shtick, but I watch these things and think of the impracticalities. I'd be incredibly freaked out if I told a company it made horrible food only to find it at my door asking me to try it again. The lack of hesitation people show in shoving pieces of pizza in their mouths that came from strangers at the door is also alarming, particularly considering the snot video. It'll be interesting to see if Domino's experiment with transparency pays off. I'll give them credit for really donning the social-media hair shirt. The campaign site is filled with continued criticism of the new recipe in the comments and from Twitter.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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