Domino's New Site Lets You Watch Live Stream of Pizza Being Made Somewhere in Utah

Not quite as thrilling as it sounds

Life just got more stressful for the workers at a Domino's Pizza restaurant in Salt Lake City. That's because that particular location is the guinea pig for the chain's new Domino's Live experiment, dreamed up by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The agency has installed five cameras at the store to show workers making the pizzas in real time—kneading the dough, adding the toppings, popping the pies in and out of the oven. All through the month of May, anyone who orders a pizza online from any Domino's nationwide will be directed to, where they will see … well, people making someone else's pizza, not yours (unless you happen to live near that location). The single-store pilot program went live today at 1 p.m. ET (11 a.m. local time), and so far we can see … hmmm, yep, there's some pizza being made. The footage is almost comically boring, but I suppose that's what you get with "transparency"—an inside look at a pretty tedious process in action. CP+B should have used hidden cameras instead. Then we might be in for more of a treat.