Domino's Mobile App Lets You Order Right Off a Billboard

App uses augmented reality

Domino's and Blippar have created a mobile ordering app in Britain for hungry (and desperate) people with smartphones. The app interacts with billboards advertising the pizza chain's 555 deal. You point your phone at outdoor posters and billboards, and the app creates an augmented reality experience, allowing you to order a pizza, visit the Facebook page, and more. It seems like a good way to engage the "Huh, I should really do that" impulse before the person wanders away and forgets, although I guess you'll have to rush home to be there when the delivery guy arrives. It's also a timely campaign, building on the the growing number of Domino's customers who order online, both for convenience and privacy. I mean, who wants their neighbors to know they're calling Domino's? Via PSFK.