Domino’s Made a ‘Wipeable’ Adult Onesie, So You Can Get Pizza All Over Yourself While Eating

Innovation from fashion designer Charlotte Denn

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Want to attack your pizza like a Neanderthal, but worried about getting sauce all over your fancy clothes? Domino's has the perfect gag garment for you.

Just in time for New Year's Day, which is Domino's busiest day of the year in the U.K., the pizza chain has unveiled what it's calling "the world's first 'wipeable' onesie," a ridiculous piece of attire made of "stain proof fabric with soft velveteen for comfort and resilience."

Made by fashion designer Charlotte Denn, it allows the wearer to eat pizza with wild abandon—without having to worry about sauce spillage.

Domino's says it took Denn about 13 hours to create the first prototype. We're not sure if that's efficient or not, but before you suggest that any time spent on this was a colossal waste of energy, please note that this "ultimate home uniform" also comes fitted with two giant pockets on each side "to store dips and drinks." That's the kind of innovation you get with Charlotte Denn.

Along with being timed to New Year's Day, when Domino's expects to deliver 300,000 pizzas across the U.K., the creation of the onesie was also pegged to research revealing that almost three quarters of Brits (73 percent) change into pajamas or comfy clothes the moment they get home each evening.

The wipeable onesies cost £25, with Domino's matching each sale and donating all proceeds to charities including Teenage Cancer Trust.

"We expect the first of January to be our busiest day of the year as the whole nation puts their feet up to unwind after bidding farewell to a surprise-filled 2016," says Domino's rep Louise Butler. "We know there's nothing quite like a freshly handmade pizza and a box set on New Year's Day so what better way to celebrate the start of 2017 than with the launch of the ultimate relaxation accessory – not only is our home uniform cosy but it's wipeable and comes with an extra serving of Domino's cheeky humor on the side!"

Food marketers have been all into silly fashions in recent years, from a whole McDonald's collection to select pieces from Cheetos.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.