Domino’s Jumps on the Startup Bandwagon

Chain gives free pizza 'investments' to entrepreneurs

Domino's has joined the chorus of voices praising tech and innovation and start-ups (three of the key squares in Media Buzzword Bingo) with its “Powered by Pizza” campaign. It posits that most creative endeavors are fueled by pizza. To that end, the brand is sending $500 gift cards to a handful of startups. It's also partnering with fundraisers on Indiegogo to offer smaller gift cards as rewards to donors if and when selected projects reach their respective goals. Gotta say, the brand is absolutely right about pizza being a staple food of people sacrificing sleep and nutrition in the name of progress. Not Domino's Pizza though—it's awful. Photos of the brand's "Pizzavestment" kit after the jump. Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky.