A Domestic Violence Message Is Hidden in This Clever 360° PSA. Can You Find It?

BBDO urges you not to look away

Lots of ads have used 360° video lately, but here's one where the VR technology really suits the message—and delivers a powerful coda for those who absorb it.

The video, from BBDO Russia, shows a man and woman in a tense standoff across a table at home. Watch the video below. Click and drag to look around the room as the video plays.

Chances are you scrolled to read the text as it unfurled. Now, watch the video a second time, and as the PSA says, "Do not look the other way." Stay focused on the woman.

It's a clever use of the medium to not just broadcast the message but actually embody it—something so few ads manage.

BBDO made the spot for the Family Matters psychological aid center. Domestic violence victims justify the behavior of their abusers or prefer to keep it secret, the agency says. Thus, it's important that loved ones not turn their back on the abuse.

"Our video is purposely lacking action," says BBDO copywriter Kirill Tsytkin. "The first second you see a woman turning her eyes from the camera and a text going out of the eyesight. You can stay with the woman or follow the text. However, whatever you choose, you'll have to watch the video again to see the story from all sides."

See the case study here.


BBDO Russia Group

Nikolay Megvelidze — Chief Creative Director

Alexey Starodubov — Deputy Creative Director

Kirill Tsytkin — Copywriter

Sofya Nadezhina — Art Director

Boris Anisonyn — TV Production Director

Valery Gorokhov — Senior Producer

Boris Sorokin — Business Development Manager

Maxim Popov — Post Production

"Family Matters"

Tatyana Orlova — Founder

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