Dollar Shave Club Heads to Space in Its Latest Weird, Creamy Ad for Shave Butter

Set in a buttery galaxy far, far away

In its latest kooky commercial, Dollar Shave Club helps a guy face the final frontier.

The cosmic romp begins in a bathroom (as most celestial experiences do), when a dude lathers up with the brand’s Shave Butter and promptly blasts off on a freaky face odyssey:

That galaxy was so darn buttery, we half expected a Lurpak fly-by.

“We wanted to show Shave Butter as a transportive, fantastical voyage to some buttery world,” says Aron Fried, creative director at Dollar Shave Club’s in-house agency, which created the ad. “It’s different for every shaver. A happy place where the mundane and harsh realities of life disappear—until they come crashing back in.”

Realities like a nicked chin or gashed cheek? Shave Butter is presumably waaay too buttery smoooth for that.

“It has a cult-like following online among [the club’s] members who rave to the world about how effortless and delightful it makes their shave feel,” says Matt Orser, also an in-house creative director. “So, we wanted to highlight its premium nature by making this campaign more visually stimulating, artful and yes, silly.”

While amusing, “Buttery Galaxy” offers a less trippy trip than Dollar Shave Club’s previous creamy saga. And those seeking really—and we mean really—big laughs from this brand should check out these ads from last year.

You’ll be relieved to know that in this story of a guy floating through his bathroom mirror into a universe of shaving-foam blobs, rigorous research was done to keep things real.

“We immediately asked ourselves, ‘How would shave butter actually look and act in a zero-gravity situation?'” says Randall Smith, VFX supervisor at Digital Domain, which handled the effects.

“We referenced many things including the film Gravity, natural space photography and looked at the product itself in multiple lights and scenarios,” he says. “During the beard removal, the light reflecting from the butter knife cuts his beard like a samurai sword. Since this needed to be realistic in zero-G, it had to be both a comical moment but also feel weightless.”

Yeah, when checking for scientific accuracy, you should go with a Hollywood movie every time.

Client: Dollar Shave Club
CEO: Michael Dubin
Assistant to CEO: Kristina Kovacs
CMO: Adam Weber
Assistant to CMO: Cor Cormier
Director, Brand Marketing: Christina Cartwright
Sr. Brand Manager: Lisa Taber
Coordinator, Brand Marketing: Alexandra Danzer
Agency: Dollar Shave Club In-House
Executive Creative Director, VP of Creative: Alec Brownstein
Executive Creative Director, VP of Creative: Matt Knapp
VP, Creative Operations: Raechelle Hoki
Creative Director/Art Director: Matt Orser
Creative Director/Copywriter: Aron Fried
Executive Producer : Matt Sausmer
Senior Project Manager: Christine Melloy
Music Supervisor: Genevieve Vincent
General Counsel: Allison Buchner
Corporate Counsel: Brenna Terry
Business Affairs: Ingenium Business Affairs

Production: RESET Content
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Director of Photography: Mauro Chiarello
Production Designer: Chris Gorak
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer: Deannie O’Neil
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Editorial: Whitehouse Post
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Senior Colorist: Sean Coleman
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Global Executive Producer: Ashley McKim

Mystery Man by The Frost

Audio Post Studio: Eleven
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Asst Mixer: Jordan Meltzer
Executive Producer: Melissa Elston
Producer: Maddee Bonniot

Sound Design: Trim Editing
Sound Designer: Tim Harrison
Production: Jemma Daniel & Harriet Cawley

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