Dolce gets airbrush mad with McConaughey


After all the pointless airbrushing of already-attractive women in magazine ads, it's about time the men got a taste of it. And once again, the model doesn't need it. Matthew McConaughey is the face of Dolce & Gabbana's The One Gentleman scent, but apparently that face wasn't narrow enough to suit this new fragrance. Neither was the rest of him, to judge by the hackjob they did on his picture. He looks like a Kohl's mannequin whose head is totally disproportionate to the body. The same company used McConaughey two years ago with much less post-production, and he looked fine. So, why use him at all if you're going to alter his image that much? It'd be cheaper and probably less work to use a no-name model and Photoshop him to look like Matthew McConaughey!