Dog gets dogged in New Zealand lottery ad


An epic two-and-a-half-minute lottery ad from New Zealand? Was there an outcry for such a thing? Still, DDB spins a fairly engrossing tale of a big-money winner's pooch who dives overboard during a storm at sea to save the precious Lotto ticket. Good boy! The terrier—named Wilson, apparently after a certain volleyball—faces great peril in traversing the globe to return the ticket to his master. Nice goin', fella! He finally tracks down his master, only to discover, horror of horrors, that his place in Daddy's affections has been usurped by a … cat. Kiwi bastard deserved to go down with the ship! Oh, so the dog gives the ticket to a homeless guy, and they walk off together, pals for life. Or else the guy roasts Fido on a spit. He's a winner either way with the New Zealand Lottery!