Does Your Dog Smoke? Here’s How to Get Help

Cujo's got nothing on Wilfred, the human/canine hybrid star of a new FX series where he sabotages his neighbor's love life, digs up his yard, and pollutes his house with second-hand smoke. Bad dog! The latter vice gets the faux-PSA treatment in a couple of promo spots intended to give the flavor of the subversive comedy and draw attention to a problem nobody knew about. Maybe your mutt's a closet toker? If he has nicotine stains on his paws and wants to go out a little too often, you might have a problem, says the online campaign from Stun Creative (the L.A. agency that recently birthed the fake app promising to turn iPhones into stun guns). Wilfred revolves around a suicidal guy (Elijah Wood) who sees his cute neighbor's dog (Jason Gann) as a walking (upright), smack-talking companion with questionable morals, slacker tendencies, and occasionally hidden talents. After the jump, see Stun's Funny or Die clip showing Wilfred's aeronautic Frisbee catch, but know that he only exerted himself so he could go drink beer afterwards. And he won't be heeling anytime soon. The series launches Thursday.