Does Your Best Creative Idea Always Happen in the First 60 Seconds?

One Minute Briefs certainly hopes so

Nick Entwistle and James Clancy, a creative team at McCann in Manchester, England, are reaching out to those who are creatively inclined and have at least a minute to spare. Calling themselves The Bank of Creativity, they've launched One Minute Briefs, an initiative in which they issue creative briefs and ask for ideas developed in 60 seconds of less—believing that forces people to go with their gut and avoid overthinking. (Hey, that's 1,140 times faster than the World's Fastest Agency does it!) They're hoping to get actual clients to use the service—and will pay the creatives for the ideas in that case, and more if an idea is produced. One idea proposed by One Minute participant Richard Edwards is the first to be turned into a real ad (see below). It's for accounting firm Redfin, which works for agencies—hence the Mad Men-inspired visuals and the headline, Add Men, which riffs on how the firm crunches numbers. Frankly, I first read it as ADD—attention deficit disorder—which I suppose is apt as well. This kind of creative process certainly seems well suited to those who'd rather not concentrate for long.

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