Does Chevy Owe a Popular Blog Credit for Its New Ad?

Creative seems inspired by Dear Photograph

Chevrolet’s latest spot shows photos of old Chevies being held up against modern-day backgrounds. It’s lovely and leverages the brand’s history, but some are alleging the concept is stolen from the popular blog Dear Photograph. That's pretty unfounded, since the site's creator, Taylor Jones, freely admits he didn’t create the idea of taking a photo of a photo. Almost none of the photos on his blog are photos he took, but Jones still wishes Chevrolet would "give credit where credit is due." The blog is quite popular, so you certainly can’t assume Goodby, Silverstein & Partners weren’t aware of its existence. What’s wrong with, at the very least, contacting the guy and buying some advertising on his site? Or creating a contest to run on the blog like Virgin did with Awkward Family Photos? Even if it isn’t stealing, it’s a missed opportunity. Via Mashable.