Dodge Charger cushions man’s 39-story fall


It's one of the most impressive automotive features out there: the ability to save a man's life after he falls 39 stories from a Manhattan high rise. And currently, only the Dodge Charger offers it! According to the New York Post, a distraught young actor leaped to certain death from a Manhattan rooftop on Tuesday—only to survive when he landed on a 2008 red Dodge Charger. He suffered a broken leg, shattered ankle and collapsed lung, but was actually conscious when the paramedics arrived. It's going to be tricky for Wieden + Kennedy to work this product attribute into the advertising, but they surely have to try—if only because, remarkably enough, the current Charger tagline is, "Get in. Get reborn." UPDATE: Dodge rep Jiyan Cadiz tells the New York Post that the Charger's "high-strength steel structure" helped absorb the blow. "We are glad that Mr. Magill survived the 40-story free-fall and that our Dodge Charger was able to cushion his landing," Cadiz says. "We hope that Mr. Magill gets well."