Do you want 20 years with that?

Ovenmitt_1If I were going to risk going to prison for breaking into a restaurant to fix myself a midnight snack, I’d probably hit New York’s trendiest Japanese restaurant of the moment, Masa, where the “tasting” menu has a price tag of $300 (“before drink”). It appears the options aren’t quite as varied in North Platte, Neb., where two drunken and hungry young lads broke in to the local Arby’s the other day to satisfy their grease and carb cravings. Their little after-hours fiesta ended when an employee came to open up the store for next day’s business and called the cops. (Where was the Oven Mitt during all this?) But think of the positive spin for Arby’s. Fast food so tasty people are burglarizing your restaurants to get it. Young, stupid, drunken, desperate people, admittedly. People you’d tell your own sons and daughters to avoid if they valued their futures. OK, maybe the spin isn’t that positive. But at least the papers and Web sites spelled the name of the restaurant right. In the PR game, that’s half the battle.

—Posted by Steve McClellan