Do You Live in a Town Called Titz? It Could Be One of Pornhub’s ‘Premium Places’

New campaign offers free service for unfortunate names

Before you ask: the town and the sign are real. Pornhub
Headshot of Patrick Coffee

Yes, there is a place named Dildo. And Rectum. And Cumming.

Residents of those towns might be feeling especially lucky today thanks to a new stunt from the always-friendly folks at Pornhub. The world’s largest purveyor of adult entertainment has stumbled upon yet another ingenious mode of self-promotion in the form of free porn for places with suggestive names.

As part of its plan “to help make up for years of humiliation and silent suffering” brought on by those dubious designations, Pornhub will honor an unspecified number of small towns around the world as “Official Pornhub Premium Places,” giving all residents free lifetime access to their members-only HD streaming service in the process. (That means no ads to interrupt your viewing pleasure.)

“With the proliferation of online adult entertainment, many people have become very well-versed in its vernacular and sexual sayings. Unfortunately, this has made towns with sexually suggestive names the butt of many more jokes,” said Pornhub vp Corey Price. “Here at Pornhub, we think a name is worth celebrating, rather than subjecting to incessant ridicule.”

He continued, “To help make residents of these towns prouder of their roots—and the rest of the world a bit envious—we are designating them as ‘Official Pornhub Premium Places’ and supplying them with free lifetime memberships to Pornhub Premium.”

As part of the campaign, Pornhub is encouraging its millions of fans around the world to share their own suggestions under the #PremiumPlaces hashtag. Several colorful examples have already popped up.

The campaign’s website also highlights such memorable entries as Threeway, Va., Horneytown, N.C., and Big Bone, Ky.

While this may seem like an act of generosity on behalf of the company, it doubles as a clever way to get a whole lot of earned media coverage … like this article, for example.

For the record, we’re just glad someone is finally paying even more attention to the 100 people lucky enough to call themselves residents of Fucking, Australia.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.