Do you have to be baked to deliver pizza?

Periscope’s new spot for Papa Murphy’s
presents a delivery guy from a rival pizza chain who’s unkempt, drinks from a garden hose and prepares a "dessert pizza" by squirting whipped cream onto a regular cheese-and-meat pie. Then he shoots the topping into his mouth. In other words, he’s just like every fast-food delivery person who’s ever come to my door. Except the ones from Domino’s—they’re worse. Actually, this dessert-pizza improviser seems cool. He probably plays in a band. I’d rather hang out with him than the nerdy counter help at Papa Murphy’s (which I keep mistyping as Papa John’s, so maybe they should just merge and give me a break). The Murphy’s crew is so lazy! Take-n-bake? Meaning, we’re supposed to take the pizzas home and bake them ourselves!? OMFG! The whipped cream guy seems baked, that’s for sure. Even so, if the pie was warm when he handed it over, he still deserves a tip.