Do movie trailers really make people cry?

There are some odd entries in this list of 15 movie trailers that made Entertainment Weeky readers cry. The one for The Green Mile has a pretty dry synopsis of the movie, which wasn’t even sad (minus the part where Tom Hanks has sex with his wife). Similarly, no tears are welling up for The Bucket List, which looks like two hours of Nicholson and Freeman using a movie as an excuse to do crazy old rich guy stuff. And the reader who missed out on Titanic because she “totally did not want to see the movie after having that reaction to just the trailer,” had the same reaction I did, perhaps for different reasons. But the oddest thing about this list is the idea behind it. Can two minutes of melancholy piano and a repetitive voiceover really hit someone that hard? Sure hope no one makes a movie out of this.

—Posted by David Kiefaber