‘Do It for Denmark’ Ad Urges Danes to Have More Sex While on Vacation

Travel agency makes war on low birth rate

A Danish travel agency wants the country's people to do the patriotic thing by getting out of town and getting busy.

A wry new campaign from Spies puts an unusually clever twist on using sex to sell, highlighting the country's fast-declining birth rate and packing in fun statistics and scientific claims to support what seems like an obvious fact—that people are more likely to copulate while on vacation.

It's opportunistic in the best possible way—rewarding for viewers, with at least the illusion of being genuinely concerned. For those of you who are serious about procreating, the brand even offers an "ovulation calendar" to help plan trips on a schedule that would improve your odds. Anyone who proves they succeeded could win three years' worth of baby supplies.

There have been similar campaigns in the past—notably, the hilarious baby-making anthem by Mentos in Singapore (also a country with a declining birth rate). Hell, even NPR has run ads encouraging baby making.

The Danish would be more creepy if it weren't so funny and practical at the same time. And while advertising certainly doesn't need any more puns-as-taglines or juvenile jokes, it's hard to be bothered by one that so perfectly fits the message: "Do it for Denmark."

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