Do good now, don’t come back as a maggot

Charitysandra copy

Matthew Bull was recently named global chief creative officer of Lowe. I wonder if he got the job based on this (intentionally) disgusting campaign his office, Lowe Bull, did for nonprofit employment site The theme is reincarnation—we're warned in no uncertain terms what could happen in our next lives if we don't do good deeds in our current ones. Divorce attorney Bob comes back as a tick ("Still bleeding 'em dry, 'ey, Bob?"); tobacco exec Duncan returns as a dung-heap fly ("Take a deep breath, Duncan"); and paparazzo Sandra is reborn as a maggot squirming in stomach-churning filth and is really "in on the filthy scoop now." This is visceral stuff, compelling in its way. Still, who's the audience—those who believe in reincarnation? Are the rest of us free to hawk hard-packs or chase after Brangelina, Nikons blazing? Also, the professions are such easy targets. Hey, they left out the one where you get paid obscene amounts of money to promote overpriced client goods to people who can't afford the stuff and don't need it anyway. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio