A disturbing look into the Grimace dossier

Quite a while back, we linked to this list of the Top 10 Creepiest Fast Food Mascots. Today it popped up again on Presurfer, which led me to reconsider that age-old question: What the hell is Grimace? Like any foray into the dark crevices of forgotten history, my search unearthed more questions than answers. Here are a few tidbits, per Wikipedia. 1) Grimace began as “The Evil Grimace,” a four-armed milkshake thief. 2) He lost his extra two arms when McDonald’s made him a good guy. 3) He has an Irish relative, Uncle O’Grimacey, used to promote the green holiday shake. 4) Despite his Irish uncle, Grimace is apparently from a free-floating tropical island that no one is allowed to visit. 5) He’s been dropped from advertising in the U.K. and Australia. (The article doesn’t say why, although those might be the first countries where fast-food marketing didn’t benefit from a dim-witted, obese mascot.)

—Posted by David Griner