Disney’s sweet, hot summer of chastity

Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and the Disney PR engine is cranking into overdrive. If you have a kid between 9 and 12, you saw this coming. If not … meet the Jonas Brothers, the current teen pop sensations. Like the boy bands that came before them, the Jonases insist they’re not just another pop boy band—they’re a “pop-rock” band! (You have to respect the hyphen.) One thing that is different: They come with purity rings, a vow to stay celibate until marriage, and the promise to bring good Christian morals back to the Disney brand. With a new movie out this Friday called Camp Rock (that’s the trailer posted above), a new single called “Burnin’ Up,” and their own Disney Channel series planned—a comedy-adventure spy series titled J.O.N.A.S.—you can already hear the high-pitched tween screams. (And yes, they also have that Baby Bottle Pop commercial.) Will they reach epic Timberlake proportions, or will those purity rings come flying off faster than a Catholic school uniform? One thing’s for sure, Disney could use a little purity right about now.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers