Dismal holidays reasonably priced at Target


I was not a fan of Target's scary 2-Day Sale commercials from Wieden + Kennedy that appeared around Thanksgiving. And I am so not a fan of the latest holiday Target ads that Wieden is now running on heavy rotation. (Neither is Barbara Lippert.) One spot is posted below; check out six more here. There's just something about having your neighbor accuse you of being ostentatious, Mom and Dad fighting about money on Christmas morning, a little girl whose Christmas is ruined by worrying about money, and that moment when you realize your girlfriend is just not that into you—it all makes me want to strike my whole Christmas list and wonder why I even bother trying. Sure, the spots are well acted and well written, but what's the point of breaking through just to bring me down? Two of the spots—one about that awkward moment when you unwrap something crappy, the other about making fun of Dad's giant ass—are harmless. But who's the target, Target? I'm sure these ads are talking to some people. Disillusioned people whose friends and family suck. People who realize the important thing to remember when Grandma gets plowed and disowns you is that at least you didn't spend a lot of money on your gift for her. But of course, you probably would have spent even less at Walmart.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers