DirecTV’s Opulence Czar Flexes His ‘Epic Win’

DirecTV epic win

Gregor the wealthy Russian and his miniature giraffe have returned for a follow-up to DirecTV's “Opulence” ad from last August. (The only thing missing is the awesome "More on The Facingbook" tag, which has been dumbed down to just "The Facebook.") This spot, again by Grey New York, seems just as concerned with physical fitness as with materialism. Heck, even the giraffe has a treadmill, though they still make time to watch a nature show on the portrait-framed flatscreen. In fact, I wish they focused more on the actual product and less on his disgusting workout regimen-by-proxy. When his biceps explode from the pressure, I hope he has the grace to get new, gold-plated ones.