DirecTV Throws Your Best Friend a Bone With DogTV Channel

Come on, though, really?

People who unironically think of their dogs as children are probably a) not well and b) overjoyed about DirecTV's announcement that it will be carrying DogTV, a $6 per month premium channel whose programming comforts animals while their owners are at work. It sounds (and is) ridiculous, but DogTV takes its mission seriously. Not only dooes it show programs that alternately stimulate and relax dogs, but the colors and audio in its broadcasts are adjusted for canines as well. My advice is to save money and just leave the TV on the Food Network all day. Dogs sleep most of the time anyway, and any dog who lives with the kind of credulous yuppie dork who would subscribe to a dog TV channel is used to hearing Alton Brown's voice by now. Photo via.

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