DirecTV Introduces Advertising's Weirdest-Looking Baby Yet

Everyone sees what they want to see in this kid

Who does that adorable, pudgy little baby look like? Maybe it's his father. Maybe his grandpa. Maybe the milkman. Probably he's an awkward mashup of one relation's beady eyes, another's bushy eyebrows, another's douche-y 'stache, another's pouty lips, another's receding hairline, etc. He's a cute bundle of weird. Them's the breaks when you roll the genetic dice. Them's also a new ad for DirecTV from Y&R Buenos Aires, because that baby's features are diverse—just like the satellite service's range of channels. In other words, everyone sees what they want to see. Also, because weird babies make for good advertising. It's the single, gravitational law of marketing in the 21st century. What was that ad about again? Who cares. Babies sell everything.