Dinosaurs Dance to an Underwear Song in the Happiest Ad Ever About Child Abuse

Aardman gets in the 'Dumb Ways' spirit

The Aardman studio, known best for creating Wallace & Gromit, made the rollicking cinema commercial below for the NSPCC's anti-sexual abuse "Pants" campaign in the U.K. The ad is a four-minute music video for a song, produced by Adelphoi Music and voiced by X Factor's Peter Dickson, urging children to speak up if someone tries to touch them inappropriately.

Man, it sucks that they waited until after Jimmy Savile's death to make this.

Anyway, the NSPCC's Peter Wanless says he's proud of Aardman's "child-friendly and catchy animation," and seems especially proud of the fact that it avoids "scary words or even mentioning sex."

He's right that the song is catchy enough—in a "Dumb Ways to Die" sort of way—and that Pantosaurus will reach kids in certain age groups. But Patton Oswalt's rule about "clean filth" applies here: Sexual topics sound creepier when cheerful euphemisms are employed.

It doesn't really help that the song, while good, sounds like something those Weebl and Bob guys would have done.


Animation: Aardman

Director: Lucy Izzard

Producer: Jason Fletcher – Bartholomew

Production Manager:Danny Gallagher

Storyboard / Animatic: Rob Richards

Design: Lucy Izzard, Magda Osinska

Flash Animators: Charlie Miller, Andrew Fossey, Lucy Izzard

Compositors: Jon Biggins, Bram Ttwheam

Music Production: Adelphoi Music, Max De Lucia, Ashley Bates

Editor: Dan Hembery