DiGiorno Wrote a Rap Song About Pizza, and It’s … Pretty Tight, Actually

But is one pizza really a party?

As football season winds down, DiGiorno tries to whip up some pre-Super Bowl momentum with its first proper No. 1 jam, "Rise to the Occasion."

The music video, which is kind of all over the place, stars Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller and LMFAO's Redfoo as roommates singing about frozen pizza for three minutes, with a supporting cast of Devvon Terrell, Diamond White, Madilyn Bailey, Marcus Perez and O-Fresh.

I'm over 30, so I have no idea who 90 percent of those people are. I do recognize Redfoo, and it almost pains me to see him rapping with evident gravitas about pizza at this point in his career.

And speaking of pizza, there is no way a pizza that size is going to feed the seven people in this video, even factoring in all the other snacks present. Unless they throw Redfoo out of a window for referring to himself as "the pepperoni homie" (and they should), they'd get maybe one slice each. I've been to parties before. One slice of pizza is not a party.

If you just want the song without the video and its inane dialogue breaks, it's up on Soundcloud. On its own merit, it has a really catchy beat.