Different day, more-or-less-the-same Colonel Sanders

I don’t know if the folks at Gawker spend their off-hours at their local KFC, but it was kind of surprising to see they spent precious time in between Lindsay Lohan sightings yesterday to post something about the proposed celebrity makeover of Colonel Sanders. The Louisville Courier-Journal, which I assume should know about such things, says that the Yum Brands chain (sorry, on principle I refuse to add exclamation points into corporate names) hKfcoldcolonelas filed a trademark application for a new-look Sanders, though a spokesperson says it hasn’t committed to the makeover. Anyway, take a good look at it, and tell
us, does this Col. Sanders (at left), really differ enough from the old one (at right) in any significant way? The motive, supposedly, is to make him look younger, but what I see here is an advertising icon re-created by committee—and the faction that was uncomfortable with change won. Why this would sell more chicken is puzzling.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor