Diet Coke pulls the strings in new puppet ad

Zappos isn't the only advertiser combining workplace scenarios and puppets these days. Diet Coke and London ad shop Mother get into the act with "Maniac," presenting glammed-up marionettes that dance around the office in this spot, airing in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Check out the pair by the vending machine near the end—he's gonna be awfully sore in the morning. And the redhead with mile-high eyeshadow looks blitzed after chugging some product—of course, it's diet, not caffeine free. The spot's a winner, but why must they bust moves to that insipidly catchy Flashdance song, last seen in that Kia commercial? And why do puppets and the workplace seem like such a natural fit? Ouch! Quit yanking like that! I'd better get back to work.

—Posted by David Gianatasio