Diesel sneakers tenderly kick a serious butt


AdFreak’s Butts tag is going to be sore by the end of the week. The latest insane assmercial to rear its ugly head is the one posted below, released this week by Diesel on its Facebook page to promote its sneakers. It shows a shoe-car hunting down an ass-car in a remote desert chase scene. Eventually, the ass is cornered and is subjected to a swift kick. The pair then ride off together into the sunset, as onscreen copy reads: “I feel I wasn’t made for running, but to kick you tender till the end of time. Yours, Diesel Sneaker.” Agency: unknown as yet, although it sure smells like something Shackleton would do, given its work for Diesel helmets. Via The Denver Egotist. UPDATE: This is part of a broad new Diesel sneakers campaign that appears to be entirely ass-themed. Also, the agency is reportedly Santo, the Argentine shop with offices in London.