Diesel Creates an Alphabet of Dance to Promote Flexible New Jeans

Video takes you from the ballroom to the streets

Diesel's promoting its new Jogg jeans collection via a fun and informative A-to-Z of Dance video featuring all manner of talented dancers sporting the flexible jersey-denim hybrid line.

Each letter represents a different dance, and they range from grand jetés to Indian Bhangra to yes—of course—twerking. The video, while perhaps a bit too reminiscent of Puma's similar "Dance Dictionary," is amazing, and I guarantee you'll be entertained for the entire three-and-a-half minutes.

My only complaint is that the Harlem shake featured isn't the real Harlem shake. Other YouTube commenters had the same critique, and my only guess is that all of us were likely born prior to 1988.

The video, directed by Jacob Sutton and edited by Jarrett Fijal of /Wildchild/+bonch, might be NSFW if your work frowns on twerking and pole dancing, but it's all quite PG.

Via Fast Company.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.