Diesel Came Up With a Bonkers Idea to Get Rid of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Even sheep hate them

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For the record, we’re into ugly Christmas sweaters, in part because this is the only time of year we can wear all the wool that people keep gifting us. (The moths can’t eat all of them!)

But maybe we’re getting old, because Diesel hates them. For its global winter holidays campaign, it’s launched a massive effort in which it actually uses sheep—the source of half our winter wardrobe!—to fight what it’s decided has become a boring trend.

We give you “Say No to Uncool Wool,” brought to you by Publicis Italy.

The ad features Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti, who hates wool sweaters so much that no one on his team is alloed to wear them. He organizes a massive photo shoot, featuring models attempting to destroy quite lovely examples of ugly Christmas sweaters (largely failing to penetrate their tough fibers—a tribute to the staying power of wool, and the reason we show up on Dec. 25 wearing the same sweater every year) … but something is wrong.

Something is missing.

In a weird moment of inspiration (when we also learn about the existence of the website knowwhatsmissing.com), Formichetti has an epiphany: Sheep. And a star is born.

In addition to punting what Diesel does best—cool jeans and slick leather—”Say No to Uncool Wool” takes the piss out of fashion, often seen as an industry that’s both frivolous and panic-stricken, led by passive aggressive, tyrannical personalities. We also get the sense that Diesel can laugh at itself, with Formichetti playing the role of creative Macchiavelli with almost no evident irony.

Diesel also created additional videos that advance the storyline, and its “Say no to ugly wool” manifesto, while showcasing its fashion savvy.

Learn how to decorate your home!

And wrap presents perfectly.

And make a snowman!

No sheep were harmed in the making of any video. (It even got to keep the jacket.)

Another set of videos takes the cool-sheep bit further still. They’re repetitive, but each is essentially a pretext to highlight something new from Diesel’s fall/winter line.

This last one even features wool! But it’s cool wool.

The so-called Cool Diesel Sheep will feature in Diesel stores throughout the world as the videos do their work on digital. Each mascot will feature an outfit perfectly tailored to their odd shapes and sizes.

Here is how you dress a sheep.

In the event you feel jealous of their slick gear, don’t worry: As the video reminds us, all items available on sheep will also be sold in human sizes. (Hopefully in fits just as odd.)

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