Did Xbox Really Ask Its Own Support Account for Hardware Help on Twitter?

Critics guess it was meant for fake user account

If true, this is rather embarrassing. Several Twitter users last night reportedly caught @Xbox tweeting an Xbox One support question to Microsoft's own @XboxSupport team. The assumption, of course, is that the question (now deleted) was meant to be posted elsewhere, with some theorizing it was intended for a fake user account to make Xbox Support look responsive.

"Hi @XboxSupport. I just got an Xbox One and connected my Kinect," the tweet says, "but it (sic) showing me that its (sic) not connected up in the rt hand corner. help!"

Proving the legitimacy of a deleted tweet is, of course, rather difficult. But more than one user snagged a screenshot at different times with different amounts of retweets and favorites, meaning that if it was faked, it was faked by multiple people in multiple screenshots. The screenshot above was posted to Reddit, where it became one of this morning's top posts. Another was posted to Neogaf, and a third is shown below.

We've reached out to Microsoft for clarification.