Did Argentina’s ‘Truth’ spot deserve more?

It’s ironic that the film jury at Cannes last week questioned the authenticity of an ad called “Truth.” (See it here, on the Cannes site.) The spot, for an Argentine presidential candidate, won a silver Lion. But sources tell AdFreak that it might have won a gold—if there weren’t some question about what language it aired in originally. The 135-second ad, for the campaign of Movimiento Federal Recrear, endeavors to tell the “truth” about the candidate and what change could mean for the Argentine people. A gray bar follows copy lines down the screen, and a voice reads the words, which paint a pessimistic picture of the country. But when it reaches the bottom, the bar begins scrolling back up; in reverse order, the same sentences remarkably deliver precisely the opposite message—an optimistic one. Cannes delegates found the ad to be powerful and cleverly written, yet the question lingered: Wouldn’t it have run originally in Spanish, not English? Apparently troubled by the notion that it might have been altered for the show, the judges awarded the ad and its agency, Savaglio\TBWA in Buenos Aires, a silver. “That’s probably why it didn’t win a gold,” noted one juror. For it to remain in the show at all, the juror said, “we had to assume it was the same as we had seen it.”

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis