DHL delivers ‘Waitin’ Woes’ viral

There’s not a product or service, I’m beginning to think, that can’t be turned into something viral these days. So it is that DHL has launched this site,, which uses country music-style humor to illustrate a wide range of waiting scenarios, from “Waitin’ at the DMV” to my personal favorite, “Waitin’ for the Cable Guy.” (The idea is that DHL won’t make you wait like these poor sods.) Visitors can either watch the videos as produced by DHL’s agency, OgilvyOne, or upload photos of themselves, or loved ones, and have them be the star of the waitin’ show. Not to distract from the main point of this post, but doesn’t the character in “Waitin’ for the Doc” (pictured here) look like Steve Jobs (minus the fact that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a 10-gallon)? Hmmm. Maybe Steve Jobs had too much time on his hands early this morning.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor