Deutsch trumps Advertising Week with app


It's almost time for Advertising Week, that orgy of panels, parties and back-slapping which thankfully happens just once a year in New York City (and begins a week from Monday). Keeping track of all the events is a hassle. Deutsch has stepped in to fill a void left by the Advertising Week organizers with an iPhone app, built with developer Twin Particle, that makes the schedule handy (and pimps the Deutsch Twitter feed), allowing you to plan your week's worth of adsturbation. This is a nice thing, since the Advertising Week site, chockablock in Flash, is unusable from the iPhone. That isn't a surprise, considering this depressing analysis of the mobile capability of agency sites, made by many of the same people who are advising their clients on mobile strategies. Deutsch itself made the list, as its own Flash site is worthless on an iPhone.