Deutsch hosts book party/circus

Donny2_1At his book party at the Chambers Hotel last night, “business rebel” Donny Deutsch welcomed a colorful cast of characters, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, Bobby Flay, Victoria Gotti, Lisa Gastineau, Richard Kirshenbaum, Michael Roth and Bill Rancic from The Apprentice. It was a Mini-Me away from being an episode of The Surreal Life. This morning in the New York Post, Cindy Adams weighs in, having entertained Deutsch at her home on Monday night. On the subject of his book, he tells Adams: “It’s not my life story, which nobody gives a s—— about, but this is about empowerment. I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve learned stuff. I thought I had a lot to offer. Besides, seeing your name on a book is really a big f———— deal.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd