A Designer Created a Service to Help Brands Figure Out If Their Logos Look Like Genitals

It's satirical, but probably still needed

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Ready to release your new logo to the world? Hold up a tick. Are you 100 percent sure it doesn't look like ladybits or man berries?

Truly embracing the tenets of due diligence and risk mitigation, graphic designer Josh Mishell this week launched GenitalsOrNot.com, a satirical service that offers to spot the (hopefully) unintentional genitals in logos before they go pubic. Er, public.

"As with anything with which you are intimately familiar, sometimes it takes a third party to notice when something isn't quite right," the site notes. "If you're unsure if your own design or the design an agency has performed for you has exposed accidental genitals in your design, hire us to perform a complete genital review."

Site creator Mishell runs a one-man design shop called Fermentable Sugar, focused on creating logos for the brewing industry. (Mishell used to run creative for Flying Dog Brewery.) He said he was inspired to create GenitalsOrNot after pointing out a brewer's unintentionally genital-esque logo late last year.

Talking to AdFreak, he declined to name the brand that inspired him, saying he didn't want to "shed more light on that brewery's mistake." But the experience clearly motivated him to build an entire site around how easy it is to put a penis or vagina in logos where they just don't belong.

Here are a few of his favorites: 

Interested in taking advantage of this vital new offering? Here's how the faux service claims to work:

Getting started is as easy as getting to second base:

Pay a modest $25 design review fee.

Upload an image of your design.

Give us your design's intended usage (billboard, beer coaster, logo, etc.).

Once we've received your request, we'll hand the art over to our crack team of design investigators to give your design a thorough analysis. If we find a dick, we'll let you know. If you've missed some errant balls, we'll help you cover them back up. Bit o' boobies? We'll bounce those right out of your design.  

All for $25? What a bargain. If only all unwanted genitals could be removed from the internet or your inbox so easily.

Hat tip to Scott Monty for sharing this one on Facebook.

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