Derrick Coleman Writes Amazing Letter to Hearing-Impaired Girl Who Liked His Ad

Duracell spot inspires

Derrick Coleman's recent ad for Duracell made him one of the most admired players in the NFL, and with one handwritten letter, he just proved he was worthy of all the praise.

This week, a father of hearing-impaired twin girls tweeted a letter written by one of his daughters to Coleman, a Seattle Seahawk whose lifelong struggle with deafness was chronicled in an incredible TV spot from Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.

Instead of simply tweeting a quick reply, Coleman handwrote a letter and then shared a photo of it with the father, saying: "Your girls are awesome! Read them my letter back when you can! Thank you for the support! Means a lot!"

The story has quickly escalated Coleman's reputation even further, and this morning the girls and their father were featured on Good Morning America. Check out the letters and original ad below.

Via Reddit.