Depressed Copywriter Alters Ads for Maximum Self-Loathing and Despair

A collection of ambushed messages

The Depressed Copywriter blog makes my brain ache with angsty, postmodern self-awareness and loathing for the commercialized world. In a good way. Sort of. Four writers, fresh from a two-year masters program at the VCU Brandcenter, alter actual advertising and news copy, producing grimly humorous, pointed and at times even poetic results. In most cases, the changes are minimal—a few words added or replaced via torn bits of paper or crudely scribbled-in pen. In an ad for a Bluetooth earpiece, the text, "You move. It adapts" gets a new conclusion: "It's a pandemic." Another is headlined: "Behind Amway products there's a slave story," the penultimate word being the lone addition. A DirecTV ad reads, "You know what will make your girlfriend happy? Someone else." The fact that these folks are seeking real jobs in the industry drives the project's meta factor off the charts. They've brilliantly revealed somber, soul-crushing truths behind the kind of work they hope one day to create for huge paychecks—before their careers have even truly begun. They deserve raises! Or pink slips. Maybe both. Or neither. Am I overanalyzing? Man, I'm depressed. Via Co. Create.