Denver Water Finds Clever New Ways to Make You Feel Wasteful

Damn you, Sukle Advertising & Design! Once again, the agency is out to dry up all the summer fun with the latest installment of its "Use only what you need" conservation campaign for Denver Water. The new work contrasts how much H2O folks use on their lawns with the amount their lawns actually need. In eye-catching orange street installations popping up around town, outsized fire hydrants, city benches and newspaper boxes represent the former, while normal-size versions stand in for the latter. Billboards employ a facial-hair motif, pitting the outrageously shaggy (hose hogs who waste water) against the finely quaffed (folks who conserve). Through the years, I've come to resent this oft-praised campaign. If consumers scrupulously followed its advice, Denver must be an arid wasteland of burnt, withered yards tended by parched, smelly homeowners. Rise up against the hydro tyranny and spray those lawns until the grass grows luxurious and high, like mullets on the prairie! Why worry? It'll always rain. Probably. Eventually. I think. And can everybody please take a long, hot bath? More images after the jump. Via The Denver Egotist.