Denny’s Wins Conservative Cred With Ad’s Gun Rights Comment

Oreo not the only brand generating political buzz

If Oreo’s homage to gay pride this week didn’t suit your personal politics, you might prefer to satisfy your caloric craving with a Midwestern Meat & Potatoes Sandwich from Denny’s. The restaurant chain has suddenly become a superstar among social conservatives thanks to a new ad that mentions “the right to bear arms” as one of the things that’s great about America.  “In an era where cowardly companies are caving into the vile communist minority,” notes conservative blog The Freedom Post, “it’s wonderful to see Denny’s run this ad promoting America’s greatness and constitutional principles, especially the ‘Right to Bear Arms,’ guaranteed in the Second Amendment.” The YouTube version of the spot has been flooded with similar comments praising Denny’s and promising to eat there more often. “Awesome ad! I just heard you guys are actually supporters of my rights,” one commenter writes. “I'll be coming to Denny's more.” Based on the lighthearted tone of the ad, it likely wasn’t intended to be a serious rallying cry for the NRA crowd (note the reference to "our differences really are our strengths"), but the chain is still reaping the benefits. Of course, some of the viewer reactions seem a bit ironic after all the calls this week to boycott Oreo for posting its pro-gay message on Facebook. Case in point from the Denny’s YouTube comments: “ I just hope they stand up to the expected calls for boycotts from the libtards that is sure to follow. They're always looking for something to whine about.”

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