Is Dennis Prager really so impecunious?

DennispragerWhatever one may think of radio talk-show host and prolific author Dennis Prager, the image of his living hand-to-mouth doesn’t come leaping to mind. We can imagine him installing a household-wide Aqua Solutions water-purification system—even paying way too much for the privilege. Buying a digital camera at Samy’s, a piano at Keyboard Concepts or a Lexus at Vista Lexus—that we can see. He’s so honest about his pitches, he swears the suit he’s wearing in his Web site pictures is the one he endorses. When hawking Legal Zoom, he says he’d have used them for his last will and testament, but he’d already done it with a live lawyer. Which makes his endorsement for a financial-services company so odd: He declares that after paying all the bills that pile up, “it’s hard to have any money left at the end of the month.” If Prager really is living paycheck to paycheck, maybe he should buy less stuff.

—Posted by Gregory Solman