DeLorean Taxi Would Really Take You for a Ride

Why not take a trip in style?

Designer Mike Lubrano crafted the missing link between Doc Brown and Jim Ignatowski with his DeLorean taxicab. This thing would give Boardwalk Empire's 1920s taxis a run for their money in New York City. Unfortunately, it isn't real. Lubrano submitted the mockups to The One Show student competition in 2010. He envisioned the car as a promotional vehicle for the fashion design brand Nooka. "As a very progressive brand with beautiful, futuristically designed products, we thought this was a cool promotional idea," he tells HyperVocal. "Unfortunately the judges didn't feel the same and we didn't win." An automaker that stopped making cars in 1982, and was popularized in a movie from the same era, doesn't seem that futuristic. But yes, young creatives, we get it—you like things from the 1980s. Though I have to say, as far as disposable pop-culture ephemera goes, Back to the Future holds up pretty well.