Del Taco fills up on the weird with skit show

Taco Bell is clearly trying to reach beyond its young-dude appeal with its implausible new Taco Bell Diet campaign. But rival pseudo-Mexican-food purveyor Del Taco is going a much different route with a bizarre skit show, "The Del Taco Super Special Show," which is clearly aimed at the bro demo. The first episode is chock-a-block with Honeyshed-like oddities, double entendres, scantily clad babes and oddball animations and puppetry. Users can vote for their favorite parts of the show over at Del Taco's Facebook page. I'm casting mine for Timothy Taco Hands. (See below.) At the very least, this should help Del Taco push down the results for its most popular YouTube video, a clip showing three men scamming the chain out of free food, a stunt that eventually landed them in jail. Doner and Mekanism created the show.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey