Death Is Just a Door to an Ad-Supported Afterlife

Your continued existence, brought to you by our sponsors

What if reincarnation were like buying an app? Would you be able to afford the premium version, or would you have to settle for an ad-supported afterlife? Could you pay the monthly licensing fees on memories that involve copyrighted material? These are the entertaining and mildly haunting questions posed by British tech humorist Tom Scott (who also recently launched the popular Klout parody tool Scott's new video imagines a login process for the newly deceased, who find their consciousness uploaded into "The Life Network." If you had plenty of money in the bank, you can be reborn as an attractive immortal with a dizzying intellect. For the working class, there's the advertising-supported option, in which the sky is slathered in ads and "your personal brand preferences may be altered to align with those of our sponsors." Then there's the "value option," which makes reincarnation start to sound like more of a living hell. Via

@griner David Griner is Adweek's international editor and host of the Adweek podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."