Death on the hunt for doggies in Italian PSA

This Italian spot for the country's National Animal Protection Institute, via Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, is both creepy and amusing as it exhorts the public to "save the animals from a sad fate." The Grim Reaper, scythe in hand, skulks around luring stray and missing pets to their doom. Why can't he do the world a favor and target cats? The ad would be upsetting if not for some inspired, humorous touches: Death carries a Frisbee, whistles as he walks and even removes one of his own leg bones to lure Fido. The best bit is at the end, when the Reaper's accidental touch sends a jogger—who's shaggy and vaguely resembles a Welsh Terrier—to his eternal reward. As I've previously noted, early-morning runs can be scary.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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